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Guiding tours of Bruges, Ostend and De Haan, touristic and thematic walks, siteseeying visits


Guided tours, discover Bruges, Ostend, De Haan, trawler Amandine, sailing vessel Mercator, excursions

visit and explore Bruges, Ostend, De Haan, Follow the Guide, discover the hinterland of Bruges

Joris Surmont is a former Navy officer. In the aftermath of his definitive retirement, Joris attended a tourist guiding course in Bruges. If you are interested in discovering the most beautiful spots in Bruges with a qualified guide, Joris is your man. His maritime background makes him an ideal storyteller regarding the evolution of the Bruges maritime ambitions until today.

He has good knowledge of sustainable and modern fishing techniques. As a youngster, he embarked on trawlers fishing around Iceland, in the Celtic Sea and the Irish Sea. A visit of O.129 Amandine, the former Iceland trawler or of the floating museum Mercator in Ostend with Joris is an unforgettable experience. The three-masted sail training barque Mercator was built by Ramage & Ferguson shipbuilders in Leith (Scotland) in 1931.

Joris is also doing guided tours in Damme, Ostend, De Haan, Raversyde and in the Hinterland of Bruges.

Discover the maritime heritage of Bruges with a guide!

Visit the offshore windmill farm on the Thorntonbank.

Booking a guided tour

guided tours and walks, discover Bruges and Ostend, visit the Hinterland of Bruges

Booking a thematic guided walk in Bruges has to be done via the website of Hello Bruges.

For guided visits of the trawler O.129 Amandine, the remains of the former German Atlantic Wall or the medieval fishing village at Raversyde use the link to the 'Association of Guides of Ostend'.

Please indicate on your reservation if you want Joris Surmont as your guide. If you want to make a specific thematic tour you can contact Joris directly.

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